Clarium’s Peter Thiel Is Bearish On Innovation

October 19, 2009

Peter ThielAt Thurday’s 2009 Investor Leadership Forum hosted by the Argyle Executive Forum and Capital IQ Peter a speech by Thiel of Paypal and Clarium fame linked future economic growth to innovation and technology rather than government stimulus.

Peter started by noting the difference in the type of question asked today of emerging markets and the developed world. Read the rest of this entry »

Looking For Outperformance? Invest With An Emerging Manager!

June 1, 2009

An ill-advised, persistent and costly error among institutional investors and their consultants is their reliance on large brand name money management firms to look after their assets. We had the privilege of attending and speaking at the recent Emerging Manager 2009 conference, from where we return with some very persuasive statistics that show the outperformance of small money managers over the large mainstream firms. Read the rest of this entry »

Another Clever NewMarket Deal

October 22, 2006


NewMarket Technology (NMKT) logoTechnology incubator NewMarket Technology Inc’s (NMKT.ob) merger announcement with toy firm Action Products International (APII) has caused some confusion about the valuation and logic of the transaction. However, the transaction is a canny way to get listed on NASDAQ and to try NewMarket’s strategy in another market segment.

The Deal Sleuth normally specializes in tracking bad deals, so when a good deal comes along, Read the rest of this entry »