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Hedge Fund Strategies: Boost Your Portfolio’s Performance!

Mutual funds with alternative, hedge fund strategies can boost your portfolio's performanceHedge fund ebookOur free eBook explains the benefits of adding hedge fund strategies to your portfolio, and how you can have hedge fund performance without actually being in a hedge fund. Don’t risk getting Madoff-ed. A small but growing number of mutual funds make the exact same investments as hedge funds, are available to any investor, and are fully regulated and transparent. Learn more in The Deal Sleuth’s free eBook …

Portfolio with alternative strategies

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4 Responses to Free eBook

  1. Richard Holly says:

    Thomas, you should charge for this.


  2. I’m having problems downloading the book… I tried twice and, after receiving the e-mail with the code, it doesn’t work…

  3. A Aiden says:

    Well done.. nice book.. Good to read.. Thanks for the nice ebook..

  4. Money Turtle says:

    An excellent eBook. I’m looking forward to reading your merger arbitrage book.

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